Wheelchair Tennis Academy


Beginners and Development Team: Learning the basic skills of playing tennis from a sitting position—singles and doubles, how to con- trol, maneuver and position the wheelchair in order to hit the ball, basic tactics and strategies, how to become a competitive player and mental side of tennis.

Performance: Improving and aspiring to maximize the tennis skills, individual tactics and strategies. Entering the UNIQLO World Wheel- chair Tennis tour.

Elite Program: Maximizing the tennis and the wheelchair skills, bringing physical and mental abilities to the top. Building a tailored year long calendar to maximize the World ranking potential of each player.

From complete beginners to world class players, we will provide an amazing training schedule and tailored competition calendar. 

Come and enjoy the best tennis with the best team!


Head Coach

Nimrod Bichler started playing tennis in Jerusalem at age 11, reached number 4 in the Israel National rankings under 18 in 1991. Started coaching kids in 1991, started coaching wheelchair tennis in 1996, led Shraga Weinberg and Noam Gershony to number 1 in the World Quads Ranking of wheelchair tennis, Weinberg in October 2001 and Gershony in September 2012. Led Noam Gershony to winning the Gold Medal in singles in the quads division of the London Paralympic Games. Coached the Israeli National Quads Wheelchair Tennis Team to winning 1st place in the World Team Cup in 1999, 2000 and 2012. Led tens of other players, men, women and quads to their career high world rankings on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour

Part-time Juniors

Beginners starts at 2pm.

Full –day Program

Morning and late afternoon/training 5-8pm

Full-day Program includes accommodation in a secure community and by an educational consultant.

The IATF WTP will accept and encourage wheelchair tennis players and coaches from all over the world to come over to training camps and master classes.

Head coach of wheelchair tennis program Nimrod Bichler with Noam Gershony after Noam won the 2011 wheelchair tennis singles masters

Wheelchair Tennis Academy


After reaching number 9 in the world and playing for the US national team it was honor to be invited to play with IATF. I’m excited not only to become a top 10 player once again and play a grand slam, but also to share the sport that changed my life for the better after suffering SCI.


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