The IATF athletes’ apartments are within walking distance of the Poznack JCC. The apartments are located in a beautiful neighborhood, closed and secure. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms for players and another room for the responsible adult – IATF’s staff member. In addition, there is a kitchen and dining room, shower, toilet, and a common living room. Each apartment has a washer and dryer and also a balcony overlooking the beautiful neighborhood’s yard. The neighborhood itself has a pool, game room and computer room for athletes to use. Every IATF’s athlete who wants to use a bike can use them independently or use the academy’s shuttle services, back and forth for training at the Poznack JCC.

Sheets and towels are provided at the apartment.


The players receive 3 meals a day:
Breakfast will be at the apartment before the morning training session.
Lunch will be served at the JCC.
Dinner will be served at the apartment.
All meals are warm, nutritious and based on a special diet fitted for each player.
On weekends, before tournaments or social activities, breakfast will be served, and lunch or dinner depends on tournaments scheduled. Every player will take care of himself/herself for the third meal, (either lunch or dinner).

The IATF tennis players are allowed to use the facility at any time during their stay. The facility includes:

  • Locker Room and Showers
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Hot Tub (18 years old)
  • Resting Area
  • WIFI
  • Turf Field
  • Tennis Courts include 4 hard courts and 4 green clay courts.


Each student can choose the school that fits for him/her. We are working cooperatively with schools that work and understand the tennis schedule of our players

Conservatory Prep School

A private school designed for creative, gifted learners and works perfectly with the IATF’s athletes’ schedule.

Flex Learning Academy

Provides children with the education and experiences they need to become highly effective, dynamic leaders. The students are not measured by tests, rather are evaluated through a series of discussions and project-based learning assessments which allow them the freedom of research and natural inquiry as well as creative expression. The flexible schedule allows IATF’s students to practice tennis during the morning and after school. 

Westlake Preparatory School & Academy

One of the premier private K-12 schools in South Florida. Their customized curriculum allows our athletes a unique academic pathway which ensures our students’ success.

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