The Academy in Florida at the David Posnack JCC

The IATF’s main academy is located at the David Posnack Jewish Community Center in Davie, Florida. They offer a high-performance tennis program combined with holistic and scientific training, while incorporating advanced fitness amenities, housing, travel, and virtual or on-site schooling programs.


Assaf Ingber

Founder and President

Ingber has over 25 years of experience in managing tennis academies in Israel and USA. Certified executive coach, ITF Level 2 with an extensive experience working with pro players. He was the former coach and manager of Julia Glushko

Ian Halperin


No. 1 NYTimes bestselling author and an award-winning filmmaker. Directed a film against Roger Waters and BDS “Wish You Weren’t Here”. Mr. Halperin’s two greatest loves are Tennis and Judaism. He decided to devote himself to the IATF with the belief that its’ goals are of supreme value to Jewish people all over the world.

Shlomo Glickstein

Professional Director

As a former No. 22 in the world and the head of ‘Israeli Tennis Association’ for many years, Glickstein brings his experience and knowledge of developing, future leading coaches and players. He will visit all the clubs and camps and will lead the professional program of the project.


The Academy is dedicated to excellence and professionalism at all ages. In our amazing location and outstanding facility, we have four hard tennis courts, four clay courts, four Pickleball courts, an athletic field, an athletic gym, a swimming pool, a sauna, and more to serve the tennis training program. The facility is located inside the David Posnack JCC. The IATF mission is to combine the excellency in tennis with the excellency in education and values that have meaning for the players. The IATF is a home for athletes that wish to reach the top in all aspects of their lives. Students at Conservatory Prep have the option of participating in a traditional secular studies tract, fulfilling all requirements for a high school diploma recognized throughout the United States. In addition, Conservatory Prep offers the same core courses, but from a Jewish perspective and incorporates Jewish authors, history, Hebrew language, and values.

To reach these goals we need to:

  • Raise money for 64 yearly grants to support young players training at IATF headquarters in Florida, over the course of the first 7 years.
  • Recruit a total of 40 active players per year, age 14+ to be supported by the foundation at the Florida Academy.
  • Develop a set of IATF training camps, targeted to US and MID-South American communities, to allow them to get to know our unique program.
  • Host open-house camps to allow young players to get familiar with the Florida training team and to recruit motivated participants to join the IATF long-term programs.
  • Provide Jewish programs celebrating Jewish holidays and Israeli traditions together with the local community.


Ofra Friedman

Operation, Marketing & Educational programs Director

Malki Poges

Fundraising Development Manager

Gabriel Nieto

 ITP Florida Tennis Academy Manager & IATF  Operation Manager

Clara Hunter



​ITP Florida tennis academy Head coach of After school tennis program and coordinator and coach

Daniel Skripnik

ITP Florida tennis academy High performance Tennis Coach & Social Coordinator

Wendy Hirsch Weiner

Conservatory Prep School Principal

Stas Dardik

High-performance Tennis coach (Tel Aviv)

Jean Luc Fontaine

​ITP Florida tennis Academy Professional director

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